Countdown Clock

Even though I have a smaller countdown clock on my desk and an app on my iPhone I decided to hang one on the wall to countdown my early retirement. I love the big lighted digits. The only ding is that, unlike my smaller clock and my phone app where you enter the date and it counts down to that date, with this unit you must know the number of days and then enter that number in to start the countdown. Other than that it makes me smile when I look up and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.
I’m seeing review after review where people are saying “it’s so small” The size is clearly stated, besides, while it’s true the case is small, the display is quite large and easy to see, so get over it. The other thing I don’t understand is people keep moaning about the set buttons on the back are unmarked. Come on people. It’s 2017. It’s basicly a clock. It’s just 3 buttons, it’s not that hard to figure out, but to be a nice guy I’m including scans of the documentation so you can always refer back to them here.
Great device and easy to learn. The only reason for not giving 5 stars is the remote. It’s small, hard to read, and doesn’t have a long range. But the clock itself does an excellent job and highly visiable.
As an adult with ADD, I keep my Time Timer at my side throughout the day. It helps me conceptualize time in a way that no other gadget ever has. Using it keeps me on track and on time better than a clock, better than an alarm or stopwatch, better than anything! I love that it makes not one sound except for a tiny beep when the time is up, because that way I can keep it by my computer as I’m working and it doesn’t distract me. If I want to know how much time I have left I might glance at it, but overall I tend to forget it’s there when I’m concentrating on my work–and that’s a good thing. There’s no “ticking”.

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